• These have more tensile strength in comparison to other pipes.
  • They are being used for sprinkler irrigation system, potable water supply and sewerage purpose.
  • Their low cost, easily installation and better durability make them ideal for the purpose.
  • They also offer very good resistance to most of the chemicals and have excellent electrical insulation properties.
  • These pipes are also used for circulation of acids in various chemical industries due to their acid resistant quality.


  • Lightweight, easy to transport and low installation cost.
  • Safety of potable water, industrial and agriculture etc.
  • Long-term reliability.
  • Additional cost savings are achieved by lower instance of repairs.
  • Transfer of heat is much lower.
  • Chemically inert and uv resistant.
  • Good elasticity & strength property.
  • Smooth inner surface prevents growth of bacteria hence making pumping easier and faster.

Application Area

  • For transportation of potable water.
  • Irrigation and sprinkling system.
  • Chemical processing plants.
  • Effluent lines.
  • Surface water drainage.
  • Ventilation of corrosive gases.
  • Houses.
  • Agricultural sector.
  • Industries.
  • Mines.
  • Horticulture & Green house technology.
  • Relining of old sewers.

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